Some of the projects we have been involved in include:

Designing and implementing tailor made contracts of employment which meet legislative requirements and at the same time allow flexibility in the employment relationship and meet the needs of the business.
Designing and implementing policies and procedures in relation to managing human resources and terms and conditions of employment.
Management of disciplinary issues, this includes providing expert advice and guidance to bring about a resolution and mimimise the risk of a claim at Tribunal.
The Provision of advice and guidance in relation to all aspects of Equal Opportunities Legislation including recruitment, dealing with harassment and equal pay issues.
Providing advice and assistance to organisations in order to ensure sickness absence and the associated costs are kept to a minimum and the issue is handled within legislative and best practice requirements.
The production of management guidelines on areas such as; sickness, grievance, equal opportunities, recruitment and selection.
Reviewing the structural efficiency of organisations in order to ensure they are maximising the effectiveness of their human resources.
Strategic business planning with management teams, focusing minds on the strategic vision of the client and ensuring that they have a sound and effective business plan as a result.
Performance management, formulating mission statements, aims and objectives, developing departmental strategies and the introduction of employee performance standards which are linked to the overall aims and objectives of the organisation.
Designing and implementing performance appraisal systems, including the simple approach to the more detailed analysis which links employee performance to business objectives allowing managers to measure performance.
Recruitment and selection of staff. This ranges from designing job documentation to running assessment centres.
Providing training for managers and other staff in areas such as recruitment and selection, preventing and eliminating workplace harassment, handling discipline and management of sickness absence. Evolution also specialises in the delivery of high quality customer care training and has provided this for organisations in all sectors of the economy.
Redundancy and outplacement, managing all aspects of the redundancy process and ensuring compliance with contractual and statutory obligations.
Job analysis and the re-writing of job descriptions and personnel specifications in a clear and concise way to ensure effective measurement and ownership


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